Samsung’s App Developer Contest!


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Jan 27, 2010
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August 13th, 2010

Samsung’s Consumer Electronics division has been paying attention. Close attention, in fact, to what has been making some of their other departments work so well. What has made Samsung Mobile get so much attention recently? Android. Specifically, their hardware, and the ability to use apps on it. So they decided to throw some apps on their new Televisions and Blu-Ray players and see how it worked. Fortunately, they were paying close enough attention to realize that their own apps would not be enough – they would need developers.

So, to get the attention they need to interest developers, Samsung has issued a developer contest with $500,000 in prizes to it’s winners!

This is not specifically Android, which it what makes this great. Android developers could really own this market with the experience they have already had with Google.

Samsung’s SDK allows for developers to create cross platform applications and with the Android SDK, we can ensure that Samsung apps are infinitely more useful when they work with/in/on Android phones as well.

So let’s show Samsung the power of Android. The Droid Guy will be holding a preliminary contest for developers right here. Gather your plans for an application that will benefit Android users and Samsung Blu-Ray or TV owners with a unique tie-together (AR, streaming media, the works!) and the winner of our contest will be sponsored by The Droid Guy for submission to Samsung.

This means that during the voting portion of Samsung’s contest, you will be backed by the 25,000+ twitter followers and everyone who reads this blog!

Samsung’s Free the TV event has already started, so hurry and grab their SDK today!