Samsung Working on 3G Smartwatch Called the Gear Solo


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Dec 30, 2010
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Galaxy Gear 2 pictured.

There are hints within the industry that Samsung is working on a 3G capable version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch line. According to the intel, Samsung is working on a 3G smartwatch which will be called the Gear Solo. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

Now, the Korean Herald reports that the alleged device, equipped with a USIM module, is going to be called the Samsung Gear Solo. The name has been filed for patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and the company and fellow South Korean telecom SK Telecom are going to release it together in their homeland. An SK representative said that the model could make a global appearance as well.

It definitely appears that the major players in the smartwatch world are gearing up to compete heavily with each other's wearable devices. What do you think of the looming wearable tech trend? Is it a justifiable new market or just a passing fad?

Source: PhoneArena
Cool! I can't wait until we get the wires running down our arms too!


I've always wanted a line of service for my watch!