Samsung S8 / S8 Plus Phone Cases:$2.88 each (Slim and Heavier Duty)

That's not a bad looking case... I bought a Ringke Fusion smoked black case with coupon code for $4 when they were having sales... I've been using it daily now..

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I have pretty much settled on a Punk Case
This is an extreme case. I work offshore on boat and ships where I often find myself taking pictures over the side of the boat/Ship just being on the deck of these boat is a wet experience. This one has a loop built into the case for a lanyard, which I ware around my neck with the phone in my shirt pocket
It has a plastic screen cover so are this is not scratching up seems to be pretty good with haptic feed back and stays clear Plugs for openings and membrane for sound speaker. I have no intention testing for water proof will take there word for it. I pretty sure it will protect me in my environment.