Samsung GT-i9300 (Galaxy SIII?) Gets WiFi Certification


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Last week we shared with you a little tidbit about the Samsung GT-i9300 model, (which may be the Samsung Galaxy SIII), showing up on a Samsung UAE website, then quickly getting yanked. Here is more potential verification that the mythic device exists. The above pic (of unknown origin) shows the GT-i9300 getting its WiFi certification. Additionally, although Samsung recently made a statement indicating the SGS3 would not show up at MWC in 2012, the head of Marketing at Samsung, Younghee Lee, recently said at an earnings call that it was still under review.

Even if we don't see/hear anything new at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a few weeks, it's always interesting to see new intel on future flagship devices filter out. Do you think this device is the SGS3? The model number seems to follow suit...

Source: PocketNow and WiFi Alliance - GT-i9300 WiFi Cert.pdf