Leaked Photo of Samsung's GT-i9300 Suggests it is Not the Galaxy S III


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Dec 30, 2010
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The above photo was picked up by PhoneArena from an anonymous tipster, and is supposedly of the Samsung GT-i9300. However, after closer inspection of the device, and from additional info in earlier reports, it appears that this may confirm that the GT-i9300 will not turn out to be the Galaxy S III as has been previously suggested. This deduction comes from a few clues. One is a previous report that the GT-i9300 would be coming with a 1024x600 resolution screen, which is less than what we see on the Galaxy Nexus, and is not the HD that has been promised for the SGS3. The second is that the screen is not even close to being bezel-less, or even thin bezelled. (Of course, that is assuming that the previous rumors of a bezel-less SGS3 are true.) Third, this device clearly shows that it has S Memo, S Planner and S Suggest apps which are for Sammy's S Pen. This suggests that the i9300 could simply be another phoneblet in the same line as the Galaxy Note.

So... if this picture really is the GT-i9300, and if the previous rumors about the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S III are accurate, and if the ultimate answer to all questions really is the number 42, then maybe we will see the SGS3 come out with a different model number than GT-i9300.

Are we all confused yet? Thought so... Hey, at least this isn't as bad as last year... yet. :)

Source: PhoneArena


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Dec 31, 2010
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It looks too cut and dry to be a pre-production model. Perhaps you are correct sir