Samsung galaxy tab update?


Dec 1, 2010
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Does anyone know if they will release an update for the older galaxy tab since they've released the new 10.1?

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I think they will continue to support it.

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i like the gingerbread update for my sprint tab. it's much much faster on everything.
My Samsung 10" tag was great BEFORE the update in terms of speed. SAfter the update, it is sooooo slow.
Just updated my Galaxy 10.1 tab and there IMO a few nice new apps, file manager the main one that I thought was missing from the previous set up, the UI has a nice new feel to it but I never had a problem with the old one....
With Verizon 7" Samsung Tabs I was told they already started releasing updates for it itll take a few weeks but everyone should see it by the end of the month

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Verizon sent out an update to 2.3.5 on November 4, 2011 for the Samsung 7 .That is just under the 2.3.6 on my Nexus S from Google.

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