Samsung Galaxy S6: Images of its Internal Frame are Leaked [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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We have a couple of images to share with you guys that need to be taken with several helpings of skeptical salt. The pics shown (above and below) are supposedly of the internal frame of the next generation Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Besides the shape of the frame, the most intriguing thing worth noting is the fact that it is made out of metal. This seems to corroborate earlier rumors that Samsung was planning on using metal instead of plastic for their redesign of the Galaxy S series. We will keep you posted if this turns out to be the real deal.

Check out both images in the thread below.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S6 Sa coque m tallique d finitive en fuite
Here are both of those Samsung Galaxy S6 metal frame pictures:


The circle at the top of the pic toward the right is the mounting place for the vibrating motor, most likely. I wonder if the wide openings at top and bottom are where antennas are going to be positioned. This would make sense since the antenna needs a clear line of sight to the front and back faces of the phone for transmission and reception.

It looks like a Samsung frame, with the signature ovalized square opening for the camera mounting location.

Still, this looks less like a "frame" and more like the entire back cover. The large rectangular area toward the bottom of the inside pic appears to be where the battery would be positioned. If so, this indicates non-removeable batteries!! Big surprise there! If true, that to me is the most intriguing aspect.
Just a short rant here.... the corporations will continue to not listen to the consumers...because we still give them our MONEY!! :/
Got this from flipboard....


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I am growing closer and closer to picking up a turbo. These updates are starting to show things I don't like.
Front facing speakers are a must. <5.5 inch screen is needed.