Samsung Galaxy S6 with Verus Case Images Leaked [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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The folks who create Verus cases for smartphones have supposedly leaked pics of what the final version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will look like. We have several images to share, but the clear one above seems to have shown off the most of the device. We aren't ready to take this out of the rumor category, because these images showcase the same old boring design of the Samsung Galaxy S series from pervious generations, but they can't be 100% discounted either.

For the most part, if this is the final look of the Galaxy S6, then it doesn't like like Samsung really went back to the drawing board at all, or if they did, then they forgot to erase what was already there from last year. Sound off and let us know what you think of this latest "leak."

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Source: PhoneArena
Here are all four of the Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked images in Verus Cases:




I'm not seeing an Edge.
No, no "Edge".

I don't see a curved back either. Each of the cases show clearly a very flat profile to them on the backs. This seems to suggest that the phone back is flat as is illustrated in the supposed leaked images of prior. Again as said this suggests a non-removable battery. I'm not saying that it's true, but most, if not all of the cases for earlier Galaxy S phones have a curved back to match the curved back of the phone itself.

What's also interesting is that the cases have rounded edges, not squared off, which is not necessarily indicative of the actual phone's edge shapes, but suggests that perhaps Samsung went with a rounded sides profile similar to the iPhone 6/6+. Either that or the case manufacturers decided that the sharp squared edges of the images leaked were uncomfortable to the hand and so made the cases rounded on the edges to soften the feel in the hand.