Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown Video Shows It's Pretty Repairable


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Oct 11, 2010
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a fairly high repairability rating according to Techno Buffalo. They published a video teardown of the device yesterday, and they seem to think that Samsung’s latest flagship, unlike the HTC One, is easily disassembled, and reassembled.

Click here to watch the video

So here’s what we’ve learned: the Samsung Galaxy S4 is very easy to repair, almost infinitely easier than the unibody aluminum HTC One. You still might be out of luck if you shatter your screen, but at least most other components can be swapped out easily. Whether or not this changes your buying decision is a totally different story: that’s why warranties exist, right?

According to the report, the Galaxy S4 should be pretty easy to repair but he Gorilla Glass protecting the screen will be costly to replace if something happens to it, but that probably won't matter since this stuff is supposed to be indestructable right? :p

Our source told us that the Galaxy S4 is incredibly easy to fix— even easier than the Galaxy S III. Why? The source explained that several components can be easily replaced, including the microSD card slot, the SIM slot, the microUSB charging port, the camera module and more. That’s great news for potential Galaxy S4 owners that are worried about problems down the line. There’s a catch, however.
Our source said the Gorilla Glass display could cause a problem. The glass on the Galaxy Note II and on the Galaxy S III were easier to remove and you could replace the glass component with a third party purchase. Gorilla Glass is expensive, however, and our source estimates replacing it would not be a cheap endeavor… it could cost more than $200. Despite that single concern, however, our source proclaimed it one of the “most repairable smartphones” he or she has ever worked on.

Source: Android Headlines via Techno Buffalo