Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Reassembly Guide


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Jul 19, 2010
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Did you take apart your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and now you’re not sure on how to put it back together? Today is your lucky day! Repairs Universe realizes it's not easy putting your devices back together without step by step instructions. With that in mind we made this reassembly guide for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Now after you have taken your touch screen digitizer, LCD screen, or vital internal component out and replaced what was needed you can use this guide to put your device back together and have it working like new!

This guide will help you install the following Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini part (s):

Required Tools:

  • Small Phillips Screwdriver

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Reassembly Guide:

  • (Figure 1) This device has several parts that can be replaced if damaged.
  • (Figure 1) The components include the vibrate motor (highlighted in red), Sim card/Micro SD card flex cable (highlighted in yellow) and the headphone jack (highlighted in purple). Once the Sim card/Micro SD card flex cable has been replaced, insert the flex cable into the jaw connector (directly above the cable). Then make sure the jaw flap is up and place the cable inside and lower the jaw connector until it is fastened (the upper yellow highlighted rectangle).


  • (Figure 2.1) At this point replace the Dock Port flex cable by lining up the cable to make sure it is placed in the correct spot, then firmly place and press down on it, making sure the microphone that is on the left is reconnected correctly.
  • (Figure 2.2) From here you will now install the motherboard. Now to do so you will have to first reattach the screen assembly flex cable to the back of the motherboard (highlighted in purple). Make sure the cable is securely reattached to the motherboard since this is an essential component to the device working properly.
  • (Figure 2.3) Now that the cable has been reconnected fold the motherboard back over in to its proper place. Once that is completed now make sure all flex cables are out of the way to ensure motherboard has a snug fit into the housing compartment.
  • (Figure 2.4) With the motherboard back in place and snug you will now have four (4) flex cable connections to reconnect (all highlighted in red).


  • (Figure 3.1) The next part to install is going to be the front camera. Simply place it in its socket, and then firmly press the flex cable in its correct position. At this point in time you can also replace the ear speaker flex cable as well (also seen in Figure 3.1).
  • (Figure 3.2) Now replace the small metal bracket that covers the front camera and ear speaker flex cables.
  • (Figure 3.3) You can now install the back housing. Press the back housing firmly on top of the motherboard and you should feel it snap right into place.
  • (Figure 3.4) Last thing now is you will use a Small Phillips Screwdriver and replace all ten (10) Small Phillips screws to secure the back housing to the rest of the frame.


  • Last step will be to just simply replace the battery and the back cover.
  • Your device is now reassembled and ready to work like new again!

Notice: Repairs Universe's guides are for informational purposes only. Please perform this repair at your own risk.