LG Spectrum 2 Screen Replacement Guide


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Jul 19, 2010
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Have you dropped your LG Spectrum 2, and now the screen is cracked or broken? If so, this guide is for you. The team at RepairsUniverse has put together this in depth guide to help replace LG Spectrum 2 parts such as a touch screen digitizer, LCD screen, or another important internal component. This guide goes shows step-by-step how to disassemble the device in order to make the necessary repair. Forget spending the money on a new phone, simply use this guide and have your Spectrum 2 looking like brand new again!

This guide will assist in the installation of the following LG Spectrum part(s):

Required Tools:

  • Safe Pry Opening Tool
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Adhesive Strips
  • Heat Gun/Blow Dryer

All of these parts and tools for the LG Spectrum 2 can be found at our online store at www.RepairsUniverse.com

LG Spectrum 2 Take Apart Guide

  • Begin by making sure your Spectrum 2 is completely powered off.
  • Then start with removing the back battery cover. Now you can remove the battery, memory card, and sim card.
  • Next using a Small Phillips Screwdriver remove the thirteen (13) small screws found on the back housing (circled in red in Figure 1).


  • With the screws removed, you will now use a Safe Open Pry Tool to release the clips holding the back housing in place. Release the clips by wedging the tool between the seam and shimming along the sides and edges (Figure 2.1). Once the clips have been released the back housing can be removed.
  • Now that the motherboard has been exposed, you will have ten (10) connections to release (highlighted in orange in Figure 2.2).
  • Additionally, use the pry tool to release the camera from it's socket (Figure 2.3).
  • After all the connectors have been released, you can now lift out the motherboard (Figure 2.4), being careful not to damage the volume button flex cable located on the right side.


  • Using the Small Phillips Screwdriver unscrew three (3) small screws located at the bottom of the device (Figure 3).


  • Next using the pry tool remove the small metal bracket covering the USB port (Figure 4.1).
  • Also with the pry tool lift up and remove the flex cable that runs down the right side of the device to the bottom (Figure 4.2). It's held in place with a small amount of adhesive so you will want to be careful not to rip the flex cable.
  • Now you will lift up and remove the black sticker which covers the LCD flex cable, being cautious not to damage the cable (Figure 4.3). Once the sticker is peeled back gently remove the sticker from the cable (Figure 4.4), and put it aside for later during reassembly.


  • The next step will be to release and peel back the lower portion of the LCD flex cable (Figure 5.1).
  • Then use your pry tool and gently lift out the metal mid frame which is covering the LCD screen (Figure 5.2 & Figure 5.3).
  • Once the mid frame has been fully removed, you can now lift out the LCD screen. It may be held in place with a small amount of adhesive, just grip the LCD flex cable and lift it outward (Figure 5.4). At this point in the repair the LCD screen can be replaced if necessary. You are now left with the touch screen and frame assembly.


  • If you are needing to replace the touch screen digitizer, the next step will be to heat the touch screen and frame assembly, in order to loosen the adhesive that holds the touch screen to the frame. Use a blow dryer (on medium heat) or a heat gun (on low heat) and heat both sides for about 30 - 45 seconds (Figure 6.1). Take note that the volume buttons are sitting loosely in the frame at this point and can fall out, simply place them to the side for later.
  • Now that the adhesive has been loosened, use the pry tool (beginning at the top near the speaker mesh) to wedge between the touch screen and the frame, and glide the tool around the sides and edges releasing the adhesive (Figure 6.2 & Figure 6.3). Be careful when prying near the bottom where the keypad flex cable is.
  • The final step is to slide the touch screen digitizer flex cable through the small slot in the housing (Figure 6.4). Finally you can remove the touch screen from the frame, and replace the digitizer.


  • To reassemble your device, make the necessary part replacement, and then simply reverse the order of these steps and put your Spectrum 2 back together again.

Please Note: this repair guide is for informational and instructional purposes only. Please perform this repair at your own risk.