Samsung Galaxy S2, photo upload sideways.


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Mar 20, 2012
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I've been reading a few old posts about a problem I've been having when taking photos with my new phone(in title).

When i take a picture holding the phone vertically it comes out sideways, but only when i E-mail it or upload it somewhere.
The general consensus i got from reading older posts were, that you have to hold the PHONE(not actually a real standalone camera) sideways to take the photo in its proper angle. So my question is... is this correct? Is this actually true?

Now had i known this previously to taking dozens of photos, i would still be pissed off! It's ridiculous if this is true.. i mean first of all why can't i have the option to take it vertically for an up right photo.. secondly, why when you open your camera to take a photo doesn't the initial screen appear sideways as to identify the standard operation of taking a photo with the phone, And thirdly, why display the photos in the gallery in the vertical position when taken vertically, shouldn't it be displayed sideways then??

It's a phone, not a stand alone camera.. phones are generally held in the upright vertical position at most times.. it makes sense you should also to be able to take a vertical photo with out having to rotate it sideways.

And what's up with this??

When i view my photos in the gallery that i had previously taken in the vertical position, they appear ****ing vertical... not sideways!! Why not display it sideways, as it's meant to appear in the true form....., when i E-mail a photo taken vertically to someone, on the photo icon in their(and mine, or anyone's for that fact) email it appears normal and upright, but when you view it or download the photo it comes out sideways, right.. but then when i try to correct those photos in the gallery on my phone by rotating them to the right so it should appear normal when someone views or downloads it, it appears again sideways but in the opposite direction, as if I've taken the photo properly in the "Camera" position to appear normal, but it appears rotated it to the right... again not in the upright position.

What the **** is up with that???

What a joke...

Sorry about my rant,, Please please correct me if I'm wrong!

Thanks for reading,
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Nov 11, 2009
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This is how phones/Android were built to take photos, on its side (horizontal). It looks upright on your phone because you're looking at the picture the way it was taken, but in terms of resolution it will switch the orientation of it. Also if you take a vertical picture and then look at in the gallery horizontally, it will come out "skinnier", due to resolution. This can be fixed by simply rotating the picture once the person who received the email does it.

Also you may want to watch the language. It's a family environment and profanities aren't allowed.