Samsung captivate [[[please help!!]]]


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Dec 9, 2010
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My cousin recently purchased the samsung captivate from att. I told him to use 4shared to get free apps but everytime he tried to install, it wouldn't let him. So he sent me a text asking if I could post this problem on the forums that I use, and although it doesn't have to do with the droid series, hopefully someone could help answer his problem:

"I rooted my phone not to long ago hoping that I would be able to get free applications from 4shared. But since I have the Samsung captivate, it wont allow me to install the app. It tells me that AT&T wont allow unknown applications that aren't from the android market. I really want to get the block removed so I can download 3rd party apps. What should I do?"

How can he get around att's block? Please answer this as soon as possible if you know the answer. Thank you so much!

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Jul 25, 2010
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We frown on pirating apps on these forums, but he can install non-market apps using Android Central's Sideload Wonder Machine. There should also be directions on how to manually sideload apps as well.