Samsung Accidentally Confirms the Nexus Prime?!


Mar 14, 2011
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Samsung accidentally confirms the Nexus Prime?

Aug. 25, 2011 (5:09 pm) By: Russell Holly

The Nexus line of phones have been widely likened to the iPhone when it comes to the wealth of speculation, rumors, and general obsession over the upcoming release of those devices. With the next version of the both of these prolific devices on the way, details are slowly leaking out from everywhere just waiting to be confirmed or denied. Many of the things that come out, like the fabricated iPhone 5 website or news that the Nexus S was being made by LG are prime examples of this.
Maybe it’s greed, maybe it’s for that brief moment in the spotlight, but some of these rumors are just plain made up. However, when the manufacturer of the device opts to send you a Cease and Desist for claiming you have things that shouldn’t be public yet, they have to be careful that they aren’t actually confirming the rumor that was being fought in the first place.
While attempting to squash a rumored leak of the firmware for Samsung’s upcoming wonderphone, the legal team at Samsung accidentally seems to have confirmed that the device is in fact the Nexus Prime and is, in fact, being made by Samsung. With that speculation out of the way, now we can focus on the important things, like what it will have under the hood and which network it will be on. It’s clear that Samsung is getting closer and closer to a release with Google, and so far the majority of the rumors are pointing towards an Octover Release on Verizon Wireless, but sadly there’s not a Cease and Desist email to verify that.A Nexus Prime by Samsung has a lot of possibilities. Will we be looking at a 4-inch phone, 4.3-inch, or a 4.5-inch one? Will it use Samsung’s new Super Clear LCD or will it have Super AMOLED HD? Will it run one of Samsung’s Exynos dual core processors, or have Samsung and Google partnered up with nVidia? Since Samsung also made the Nexus S, can we assume NFC will be enabled? What about some of the other rumors we’ve heard about Android @ Home, Facial recognition software, or Qi inductive charging?Everything is up in the air right now but all of these things are possible with Samsung driving the Nexus Car.

Source: Samsung accidentally confirms the Nexus Prime? [full size view of the Samsung letter here: View attachment 39466]​
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