Samsung 32 Gb Class 10 Micro SD Card $49.99


Jan 18, 2010
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If anyone is the market for a 32Gb Class 10 card for their Bionic ... this Samsung card is $49.99 at Fry's (that's the normal price -- might go on sale for even cheaper at some point). I bought one about a week ago and I can confirm it's the real deal. You have to tweak the cache though if you want the best speeds. I ran some tests using SD Card Tester and SD Booster:

128K Cache (Default): 9.29Mb/sec write, 9.21Mb/sec read
[other scores you don't care about]
4096K cache: 11.16Mb/sec write, 15.84Mb/sec read (BEST)

Not bad for the price, with a little tweaking. BTW, I used SD Card Tester because it's the only one I could find that lets you change the path to /sdcard-ext, which you must do or you're just testing the internal memory. It's tricky even with this app, but if you keep tapping in the top-right corner eventually it gives you the option to change the path.
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