Salvaging Old Data


Jul 6, 2010
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This forum is full of technilogically inclined people, so I figured it'd be a good place to ask.

I recently broke my old hard drive by trying to dual boot ubuntu with windows 7... No, I have no idea how it happened... Anywho, Dell sent me a free replacement hard drive, which is working great. The only problem is, all of my music, pictures, antivirus, Steam account, games, etc. were on the old hard drive. Dell is telling me there's no way to back up any of that stuff because I can't access Windows 7 through the hard drive. If I log on to ubuntu I can access it (although I can't get internet access on ubuntu, weird...) but when I copy/pasted it all over, nothing is working.

Can anyone help me out? If you need more info on the problem, I'll gladly supply it.

Thanks in advance for any help. Apparently I suck with technology, this is just another reason I'll never risk rooting my droid, cause I'd end up bricking it lol...