S Health Issue


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Jul 24, 2014
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Northern NY
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Good morning all (depending on where you are)
I have an issue with the S Health app. I have seen very few references to it and no solutions that actually work yet. The problem is the S Health app just crashes. It let me set up the account with my stats and amount of weight I want to lose etc. but when it gets to the screen with your calorie limit and you click next it pops up the "Unfortunately S Health has stopped" message. After that initial crash it wont even try to open. Just immediately pops up that message when I try to open it. If I go in and clear data and cache it will open and allow me to set it up again as above but crash at the same point. It's a vicious circle. LOL. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Running Note 3 on AT&T rooted and Alliance rom. I already wiped and restored and that didnt work. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.