Samsung's S Health App Now Works on All Android Phones


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Dec 30, 2010
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For some time now, Samsung has been making their S Health app available on select Samsung smartphones. That changed today though. Samsung is now making their S Health app available for use on any Android smartphone, and you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. Here's a quote with a brief description and a link below:

S Health is your personal fitness coach. Set targets, track your everyday activities and reach new milestones with Goals. With intuitive charts and helpful tips, the goals will guide you to achieve your health & fitness targets. Stay fit and get healthy with the new S Health.

S Health makes it fun and easy to stay on top form. With a simple and quick summary, it's easy to have a quick glance at your latest health and fitness status. Of course, you can personalize your dashboard by adding or removing Goals, Programs and Trackers.

Go beyond your limits with Programs. Whether you are a first timer or an avid runner, the programs help you accomplish your fitness milestones. With the voice guide, keeping pace is easier than ever.

Whether it's a single step, a bite at lunch or time spent soaking in the sun, track it all with Trackers. The trackers not only make it easy to track your daily activities, they also allow you to measure and manage your health and environmental records such as heart rate, SpO₂, and ultraviolet using the built-in sensors in Samsung smartphones and wearables.

Source: Google Play Store - Samsung S Health
makes sense since they've also done the same with their soon to be released smartwatches. Why get a Samsung smartwatch for fitness tracking that'll work on your Moto, or other, phone only to not be able to sync it with that phone?

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