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Jan 4, 2012
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I released my RTS on the market just a few days ago, and was seeing if any strategy fans on these forums were interested, as there aren't many RTSs on the market.

Market link:


Game Info:

Rusted Warfare is a Android RTS inspired by classic games such as Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer.

*Note this game is still in alpha and is still being developed. A better multiplayer interface, and more missions, levels and units will be coming out soon.*

Play on the go against your friends on your phone or tablet. Build up bases, extract resources and create your army.

-Both campaign and skirmish missions, with full AI
-Land, air, and sea units
-Unit pathfinding and formations
-Fast Interface: issue commands through the minimap, multi-touch support
-Multiplayer over Wifi and Internet
-Survival mode (tower defence like)
-Full screen tablet support
-Install To SD supported

Email me/twitter/post if you have any problems, or feature requests

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Will try tomorrow but looks good!

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Cool, let me know if you guys have any problems, or have any feedback. Still a lot of work I want to do on it.
Just put another update out, I've made quite a few changes since my last post:

-Added gunship air unit. Can attack ground only. Strong attack and heavily armored
-You can now load custom maps and missions from the SD card (see the corrodinggames forums for details on making your own maps)
-3 new maps: skirmish/multiplayer map - 'Large Ice Outcrop', Mission 6 'Snowy Outcrop', challenge - Ice Base
-Hover Tanks cost more but beefed up to be more useful. Has more HP, can shoot while moving and attacks air and land
-Added shadows to buildings, stopped flicking between map and units while scrolling
-Skirmish levels now have victory conditions
-Host can pick map in network game
-player's name, and last used ip address now remembered between network games
-Fixed network sync bug, which could cause crashes
-Game now checks network games are in sync, and displays messages if desync is detected
-Made network code display warnings instead of crashing on sync problems
-Updated network GUI, for lobby and battleroom
-Extractor cheaper (now $800), and generates resources faster
-Giving orders over fog now shows move marker
-HP bar still shown for transported units (if 'Always show HP bar' was on)
-bug fixes

-More compressed bitmaps to avoid OutOfMemoryError on help screen
-NullPointerException caused by AI, possibly after long games and the AI no longer needs to build any more buildings

-Added challenge missions for experienced players. Currently two missions. '1v3 Island' and 'Artillery'
-AI is smarter. Defends itself better and is more aggressive. More improvements planned.
-Fixed map victory conditions requiring turrets to be destroyed
-Nicer unit formations
-Darkened unit wreckages so it's easier to see live units
-Added ingame warning about Samsung Galaxy S2's audio bug
-Fixed a few bugs

The new zoom feature is cool :) makes it easy to play at any zoom level: