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Jan 28, 2011
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Hello all,

There is a new game on the Android market called Crusaders

Market link -

Game description -

From vast forests to bleak deserts, your troops roam and explore at your command, crushing enemies and establishing outposts across hostile regions that change every time you play.

Crusaders is a full RTS game (a "proper" rts) where you control soldiers, archers, clerics and special heroes to defeat the opposing army.

Crusaders features a game interface which blends RTS and touch screen seamlessly for a great gaming experience.

Game features -
* Large randomly generated maps
* Randomly generated content
* Four map landscapes (from forest through to jungle)
* Soldier, archer, cleric, hero and monster units (each with different attributes)
* Four enemy units with different attributes
* Various upgrade buildings to help your conquest
* Buildings can be upgraded with gold
* Archer towers can be built, upgraded and repaired
* Discover unique magical structures to help your conquest
* Use powerful 'Hand Of God' spells to decimate the enemy
* Powerful hero units can be recruited to help defeat the enemy
* Soldiers and archers gain experience points for improved attributes (eventually becoming elite units)
* Gold can be collected from the land or defeated enemies
* Use gold to recruit new soldiers, archers and clerics
* Different fierce monsters to battle
* Castles and archer towers can be destroyed
* Global online leaderboards (score, game time and elite units) and achievements through OpenFeint
* Multiple unit animations (idle, walk, run, attack, cast, flinch and death)
* Three difficulty levels
* Varied and high quality SFX
* Save game ability
* Tutorial included
* Full SD support

Version 1.52 for Android versions 2.2 and above.
Reading tutorial recommended.

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