[Rumors] HTC M7 Name Confirmed to be the HTC One; New HTC One Pic Hits Twitter


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Dec 30, 2010
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We have a couple of hot HTC M7 rumors for you guys this morning. First, according to a supposedly leaked User Agent Profile, the final retail name of the HTC M7 will likely be the HTC One. This naming convention shouldn't be too surprising considering the decent success they had with the One X series. This would also server to simplify their branding and is easily recognizable by consumers. It's likely that HTC is trying to duplicate Samsung's success with the Galaxy series by creating a similar naming scheme.

Of course, the UAP could be a fake, or it could be describing a different phone from the manufacturer.

The second bit of intel we have is the picture above. This pic hit the @evleaks Twitter-sphere this morning, and is supposedly of this new HTC One smartphone. Of course, just like the UAP, this pic could be a fake, although if the past is any indication, typically leaks like these from HTC that are really close to the final unveiling tend to be very accurate. We should be able to figure something concrete out after HTC's press event on the 19th.

Source: AndroidAuthority