[Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV will Have Wireless Charging; Dock Sold Separately


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Dec 30, 2010
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The latest intel on the next flagship phone from Samsung indicates it will come with wireless charging built-in. According to this latest rumor, the SGS4 will include support the Qi standard of wireless charging, although the wireless dock for the device will not come with it and instead will be a separate available accessory. Furthermore, the backplate containing all the necessary hardware will not come bundled with the phone, but will come with the dock instead.

An interesting sidenote that came along with this "rumint" suggests that Sammy was working on a different version of wireless charging for the device that would be based upon resonant magnetic coupling instead of the current tech. This would mean that the device would be capable of charging from 2 meters away instead of only 4 centimeters. Unfortunately, Samsung gave up on the idea for this phone because the newer technology would still be prohibitively expensive to bring to market at this time. It's still intriguing to hear that Sammy is working on bringing that tech to their phones at some point. Can you imagine charging your SGS5 from across the room?

We expect to know more details about the SGS4 sometime after MWC, and as always we will keep you apprised.

Source: PhoneArena