Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to have a 3850mah Battery


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Jun 30, 2010
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Ice Universe believes “we should expect” the Galaxy Note 9 to feature an in-screen fingerprint reader, after Samsung overcame manufacturing difficulties. This would make the Galaxy Note 9 the world’s first smartphone to integrate this tech and deliver a significant differentiator against Apple’s polarising Face ID-only approach moving forward.

Secondly, Ice Universe believes Samsung is going to go big on the Galaxy Note 9 battery. How big? A massive 3850 mAh. That’s 20% larger than the 3300 mAh battery inside the Galaxy Note 8 and the largest Samsung has fitted into any mass-market smartphone.


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The bigger battery would be nice. Not enough to make me upgrade yet. The in glass fingerprint scanner means nothing to me. I don't mind it on the back at all...

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Seriously though, Samsung really needs to worry about optimizing their phones for good battery life. Yes, a bigger battery will give more juice, but it's embarrassing how much faster my 3500mah battery drains on my S8+ versus the 2800mah battery in my old LG G5.
I thought a different manufacturer already has an in screen fingerprint reader.
Make the darn screens flat. Other than the Dome, all glass screen protectors are worthless on curved screens. First time I've gone naked on the front. We'll see how this Note 8 holds up.
There are a few on screen fingerprint phones already just not sure how accurate yet but it's coming...

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I feel outdated... I just started using the finger print scanner on my Note 8 a couple weeks ago.... Haven't even tried the Iris scanner or whatever it is... Heck I even just started using Google assistant and Bixby.....

I wish Samsung would start allowing us to setup up S Pen shortcuts like on the Note 2.. I always liked the press the button and double tap for screen write...I know air command is kind of easy but I liked the shortcuts..

I do like the thought of the "dual" speakers for sound... I listen to a lot of music via the speaker on the phone and that would be great to actually be able to hear it from all angles and not have to have it at full volume.