[Rumor] Pic Taken With Samsung Galaxy Nexus Found on Google+ & More Nexus Rumors


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Dec 30, 2010
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Update: Some of our astute forum members pointed out that it is very easy to fake the EXIF data on a pic using Picasa, thus suggesting that these pics could easily be false. It is important to note that the photos did come from two Google employees and the Picasa pics were immediately removed as soon as the story broke, so it is still possible that the images are real. Without any proof, it is really conjecture at this point so we will leave it up for you to decide.

Thanks for the tip, ilikemoneygreen!

Apparently, a person with a ton of time on their hands, scoured the EXIF data of a series of pics on Google+ from a couple of Google engineers named Roman Kirillov and Chris Yerga. What was found was a photo that was supposedly taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The photo above shows the EXIF data, and the one below is the pic that was taken with the device.


Interestingly, this picture find also comes with some more intriguing rumors. One is that the reason Samsung and Google postponed their Nexus debut at CTIA this week wasn't because of respect for Steve Jobs passing. Instead, it was speculated by industry insider, Eldar Murtazin, that they delayed the announcement to hammer out some final modifications to Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus device, in order to make it less vulnerable to patent lawsuits from Apple and others. Of course, Murtazin hasn't always been accurate with his assessments, so take that with a grain of salt. Still, if it turns out to be accurate, that would be one of the best reasons I've heard all year for delaying a product.

The other rumor floating around is that Samsung and Google will hold the press event on November 3rd to either announce the device or actually launch the device that day. Of course, if they launch that day, that would have to mean that they announce it sooner than that. At this point, considering all the rumors floating, it's probably best if we adopt the attitude of, "I'll see it when I see it." If you remember back not that long ago, the Droid Bionic had the same slew of gossip and rumor-mongering spamming the interwebs before its release too, and that was quite the frenzy. It would seem that the marketing folks of these companies really like to watch us chase our tails around.

Source: SlashGear
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I went to the source article and opened the full sized image there. Either the engineer didn't shoot at the top resolution or G+ limited the resolution. Shame, cause this could have answered the 5MP or 8MP question (not that it matters, really).

For a scene with such a large range of highlights and shadows (parts in full sun and parts in shadows), performance isn't bad. Some highlights are blown out, which would probably have happened even with a high-end DSLR in this scenario. The darkest parts of the image, where noise would be more apparent, have little noise in the full-sized image (expected at ISO 64). Clarity and sharpness could be better, but we all know that rarely is the glass on camera phones smudge-free and pristine. Additionally, the image was taken at a really wide aperture (which usually doesn't give the clearest image) and slow shutter speed (motion blur can reduce the appearance of sharpness). Still pretty good.