[Rumor] Moto 360 May Only Cost £199 in the UK (Same Price as the Gear Neo)


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Dec 30, 2010
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Electronics retailer MobileFun in the UK is reporting that the Moto 360 will only cost £199. By way of comparison, this is the same price as the Samsung Gear Neo and is £100 cheaper than the £300 price of the Gear 2. If true, this means the device will be very competitively priced, although the rumored £170 price of the LG G Watch is even more palatable.

More than likely, this means the Moto 360 will cost somewhere around $200-250 in the United States. Is this an acceptable price to start getting more curious about Android Wear smartwatches?

Source: AndroidAuthority
If they release the Moto X+1 (with the rumored screen size and camera) along with this then I'm going to be into Motorola at least $600 deep within 5 minutes of the announcement.

A pre-order is in my future, no doubt.
I'm betting on a $199 US price tag. They'll want to keep the cost of this device as low as possible, for the most user adoption.
I think Moto nailed it with their design. Some of the designs currently showing up are sadly reminiscent of the square, cheap, 1980's, 20 dollar, digital watches. Slightly more useful and at 20 times the cost. Moto's is classy looking in comparison to those. I think next years offerings will be copying Moto.
I'm in.