[Rumor] LG Supposedly Tips LG Optimus G Pro Handset Will Be 5.5-inch Device


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Dec 30, 2010
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Unconfirmed sources claim that LG execs tipped a new device codenamed the LG Optimus GK. Supposedly, this new device is actually the LG Optimus G Pro we heard about last week, and it will come with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, instead of the previously mentioned 5-inch size. Here's a quote with the details,

SEOUL, Jan. 21 (Yonhap) -- South Korean handset maker LG Electronics Inc. on Monday confirmed plans to release the "Optimus G Pro," a follow-up to its flagship smartphone "Optimus G."

The Optimus G Pro, which is likely to be launched locally in the first quarter, is set to pack a 5.5-inch full high-definition (HD) display and run on a quad-core application processor, the company said.

LG said it plans to ramp up the user experience and hardware features of the Optimus G on the new device.

It definitely looks like 2013 will be the battle of the over-sized devices. Share what you think of this new trend toward enormous phones.

Source: PhoneArena


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Aug 4, 2011
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I think that makes it too big now. We already have a note, its not going to beat that. I think the phablets should be left to the note. It kinda has TO much going on with it right now to beat. The pens is awesome and works great, wacom chip, awesome processor(it would be better with a 1080p screen though). its got a lock. just leave it to the pro's and dont even release that in the US.
Unless...you have a contract with wacom.....give it a pen.....and have a bunch a tricks up your sleeve!!!

I guess it does make sense though....a 3000mah battery on a 5inch screen was to good to be true.

You missed your chance, good day.