[Rumor] HTC Supposedly Working on Google Now and Qualcomm Toq Smartwatches & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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The latest intel from HTC isn't the usual HTC One rumor-mill fodder. This new info suggests HTC might be ready to triple-down on their future in wearable tech. According to this latest report, HTC is working on two smartwatches and another wearable device. The first smartwatch we have heard of is HTC's own version of the Qualcomm Toq (which is what we have pictured above). This device will supposedly also feature Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology which drastically improves battery life for a wearable device.

The second smartwatch which HTC may be developing is a Google Now focused voice-activated smartwatch. This would be a remarkable coup for HTC to beat anyone else to market with. Supposedly, either or possibly both of these devices will be unveiled at MWC next week by the Taiwanese company. One might actually show up in physical form, while the other might just get an announcement. Of course, it's possible HTC might surprise us all and show off both (or neither if these rumors turn out to be false).

Finally, the third wearable device HTC is working on is a smart wrist-band/bracelet which can play music and includes an activity-tracking feature. This one may not be ready to show off at MWC either. We will keep you updated next week when all of the final reveals come pouring out.

Source: Bloomberg