[Rumor] Google Could Switch from NVIDIA to Qualcomm for the Next Nexus 7 Device


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Dec 30, 2010
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Of course, this is quite possibly just pure speculation from someone in the Android blogosphere, but it could be worth noting, just in case it comes true. Supposedly, Google is thinking of switching from NVIDIA to Qualcomm for their next Nexus 7 Android tablet. The main reason cited for this is that Google prefers Qualcomm's tighter integration of 3G and 4G technology in the Snapdragon S4 Pro chipsets. This will also serve to simplify supply issues and lower the manufacturing cost of the device.

The final bit of intel included in this rumor suggests that the next-gen Nexus 7 will include a 1920 x 1080 display and be announced at Google I/O in the Spring. That's excellent news. Between the rumored launch of the Motorola X Phone, and now the possibility of a new generation Nexus 7 tablet, this year's Google I/O will turn out to be a blockbuster event!

Source: BGR