Rooting the Maxx XT1080


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Nov 2, 2010
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North Carolina
Whats up everyone I recently got the Maxx after my RAZR M and previous Droid 2. Both of those were rooted and loved every minute of them until they simply got put to rest. Had the jail broken iPhone 4 in between the 2 and the RAZR M.

I am looking to root this XT1080 Maxx and I know I can get it done but I just want to make sure I got all the info and apps/software I need. I have always felt I could rely on the community to steer me in the right direction and Just want to double check with everyone and see if someone can post up some things I need for the root process and apps I will need like Gapps to run google based apps.

All help during this process is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
If it's been updated to KitKat, forget about it. It's not rootable presently. The last update to KitKat put rooting into an encrypted process that's yet to be broken.
I appreciate the update Foxkat. I knew the XT912 with jellybean could be rooted. Is there any ETA on when KitKat may be broken? I know I will keep scanning here and XDA to see the progress on it too