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Dec 3, 2010
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Ok so I'm new to the droid but also new to smartphones altogether. I read the faq and understand that rooting voids the warranty but does it void any insurance plan you have on the phone?

Also what benefits in general do you get from rooting? So far all I have heard is that you can get rid of some programs and manage battery life better there must be more benefits than that...

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Insurance companies generally don't care as long as you pay your deductible. As for benefits you can edit the entire filesystem. That means flashing roms which are like custom system versions for your phone to make it perform faster while usually attempting to improve battery life and adding other functions to the phone that were left out. You can also flash themes to customize the look of your phone. I could go on for quite a while about everything you can do with root.

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Thanks for the reply I will check it out.

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As for insurance you could always microwave your phone and tell then it won't turn on for some reason :laugh:

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