Total Noob Question about the Droid Razr M and Rooting


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Jan 2, 2013
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Ok y'all I'm just going to come out and preface this by saying that I'm a noob when it comes to rooting phones and don't quite understand it. What is rooting exactly? What are the benefits to rooting? Does it void the phone's warranty? And what is the best method for rooting the Droid RAZR M running 4.1.1 Jelly Bean? Is there any way to un-root a phone?
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It has several benefits such as deleting blot ware, allowing you to change the way your phone shaves. Yes it does void your phone warranty, so if after a failed attempt to root your phone and it turns in to a brick, tell the people you lost your phone to get a replacement.
There are many benefits. Romming being one of them. There are also a couple one click methods for rooting your M. Its not hard. And pretty much fail proof. Just Google RAZR m one click root.

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There are alot of benefits to Rooting, of course you have the benefits that are stated from those mentioned by the two members before my post. But, Rooting is about control, it is about having the ability to make changes that Motorola or Verizon does not want you to have. I tend to tell people the benefits are the Entitlement Hack which is using the stock Verizon HotSpot without being charged and using an Adblocker that blocks every ad that I have no interest in seeing. But now it comes at more special price, as you have the ability to Unlock the Bootloader, in addition to having Root. Of course with Root you can flash custom ROMs, and it is a great feature often done through Safestrap. Yet with an Unlocked bootloader, there is the ability to flash not only custom ROMs through a Custom Recovery, but the ability to flash customized Kernels, a feature that can not be done on Rooted devices alone. Custom kernels allow the ability to optimize speed, which for those familiar with popular benchmarks such as Quadrants, often we can exceed maximal limits and receive incredibly high scores from these custom kernels. Of course high scores is not the only thing we receive, but also receive fixes and repairs to ROMs that we enjoy like CM10, CM10.1, and even MIUI ROMs. The more control that we hold over our devices and the more that we learn of how to push the limit, the better our devices become. It starts with Root. For those that venture to explore Root, and those that venture to explore further, go towards the creating of what our devices are now and what we will acheive some day...

Go for the Root... You can always Un-Rooot... But you may not want to.