Rooting Droid Razr


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Jan 28, 2012
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Can someone explain in detail exactly what rooting does i previously had a iPhone 4 and i am very familiar with jailbreaking i know it installs Cydia and you can get tweaks, themes, etc. Thank you.

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Here is a good thread...

Rooting allows you to gain access to the system files so that you can modify / tweak them as you would like. In Android, you do not root all phones the same way, so be sure to read which process is designed to work for your device (this is a thread that discusses it for the Razr )...

I like to use the analogy of admin rights on a computer vs guest priv's...if you root your phone, you become the admin with complete access and control. When we use our phones in the stock form, we have guest priv's as we cannot access certain files in certain folders.

Good luck!