Root to Unroot Problems (Droid1)


Jun 17, 2010
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Ok so I'm trying to unroot my phone as I've had problems with it lately and want to take it to Verizon for a replacement. I used easyroot to root, and just tried to use it to unroot. I hit unroot and it said my hone was successfully unrooted and to reboot. I reboot but it still boots up to Sapphire rom, going into rom manager it also said my current rom is sapphire 1.0. I went into easyroot and it didnt have an option to root, only to unroot again. I think i'm kind of unrooted (ridiculous I know) because some apps that can only be used with root are no longer working but at this point I wanna put it back to root until my thanksgiving break where I have time to mess with it and get it back to verizon.

also, after I unroot and get my phone back to factory settings and everything, how do I change the recovery back to stock?
thanks a lot man I appreciate it
ok what about those with no acess to a windows comp?

to be more specific, my dad is getting a replacement, he needs to send the old on back. we have macs. i just had him download z4root so we can do a nanodroid on his old device and i want to make sure his phone shows no signs of root when he sends it back. so without windows can we get the stock recovery back? i have been searching for hours on this.