Roms on Rooted .629


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May 29, 2012
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I am working on my old D2G and i saw that there was a MIUI 2.4.2 ROM out there that looked really nice and rather powerful. However, after successfully re-rooting my phone by SBF'ing to .608, patching it, rooting it, restoring root, and reapplying a .629 OEM, i am having a lot of trouble even getting CWM recovery to work on it. It bootstraps, and i update the CWM recovery through ROM Manager, and I'm still having extreme difficulty flashing the MIUI ROM. Can anyone help me?:hail:

My apologies if i sound ignorant, ive been off the Droid 2G ever since I got my bionic.

"The correct way is installing Droid 2 Bootstrap Recovery and using that to hijack. This will give you CWM 2.0.0.x. Once done, install the Droid X (2nd init) CWM via ROM Manager, and you'll end up with a fully functional CWM 5.0.0.x."

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I tried that just now and it put CWM on it. booted to it from ROM Manager but whenever i select any of the options, it doesnt present me with anything further, just a blank screen with the CWM logo. it did this when i had the legitimate D2G CWM recovery. Thank you for the idea though!