ROM MultiRom Has Been Ported To The Moto E


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Oct 6, 2011
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It has been argued that the need for a custom Rom is greatly reduced on a vanilla device like the Moto E. This device runs a virtually skinless version of Android and basically brings you Android the way that Google intended with very few deviations. That being said if you were going to run a rom on a device like the Moto E it would be because you love to tinker and mod. If this is so then you will be happy to know that the MultRom has been ported over to the Moto E!

The MultiROM stands out because it gives you the ability to load and run multiple roms that you can flash back and forth in between. This will allow you to boot any rom on your devices and even full OSes that will eventually be ported. Their is one bug present in this build. The touch feature is not yet working so you will need to use the volume keys to navigate and select OS choices. This should be fixed in later builds. Head to the source link below for the download.