LG G2 Receives Unofficial Port Of MultiRom


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Oct 6, 2011
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MultiRom and Multiboot have been making their way to many devices lately. One of the newest devices to receive this MultiRom goodness is the LG G2. This comes by way of unofficial port. MultiRom and Multiboot is designed for the crackflasher who loves to try every new rom as they come out. It is also for those of you who are indecisive you can easily flash between roms. You can run one rom one day and easily and quickly swap to another stored rom. This is currently in Alpha stage meaning there are still plenty of bugs to be worked out. You should only try this if you are wanting to test it out, but don't expect to use this as your daily driver for now. You will want to make a good nandroid backup of your device so you can easily return to where you started. Head to the link below for more information and download links.