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Dec 8, 2011
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Is there a ROM that will just allow you to change the system fonts??

Also which is the best ROM about??

Thank you

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I use fontchanger to change my system fonts - it is an app in the market but it does not come with any fonts - you have download fonts and put the .ttf file into the .fontchanger folder and then you can select which font you want. One of the best places to find free fonts is - download them and move the files as indicated above.

There is also an app ROM toolbox by jrummy16 that has several fonts in it - you just pick your font, apply, reboot..I have not tried this on my Maxx so I cannot say that it works or that there is any adverse effects.

As for the best ROM - I am running Axiom AOKP by DT and it is really nice - works for me anyway but YMMV...

Thank you for the swift reply...

Do you have a direct link to the ROM you recommended as I am going to start research them...

Thank you

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