[ROM][EC09][6-21-2011] TechnoROM v1 test [based off of NAMELESS]


Apr 10, 2011
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All credit goes to jptech7 over a XDA!

[ROM][EC09][6-21-2011] TechnoROM v1 test [based off of NAMELESS]

Hello community,

Today I bring you TechnoROM. It is a ROM based off of navenedrob's NAMELESS v4.1 with a few tweaks from the forums & irc. Includes Nameless background to pay homage to its roots. It is mostly NAMELESS with tweaks.

This is my first custom ROM, and it, of course, is based off of EC09. THIS IS ALPHA SOFTWARE.

Thanks to...
  • Navenedrob (for NAMELESS)
  • Adrynalyne (for his framework)
  • redeyes (for link to new graphics)
  • The IRC crew
  • The whole Community!
Corrupted SD Cards

Here is my viewpoint on the corrupted SD deal. Are the corrupted? Probably not. Mine just "corrupted" itself and is supposedly blank. However, in Clockwork Mod, it sees all my files. Odd? What is even more weird is that a simple reboot seemed to fix my problem. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe its still messed up, but try this first before you panic.


Install this(http://www.multiupload.com/8VDE8GX69P) recovery if you have not done so. It is CWM3 OTB from the NAMELESS thread. You will need ODIN.

Download TechnoROM and place it on your SD Card.

Boot to Clockwork Mod (Both volume keys + Power) and select flash zip. Find the package, and flash. This should wipe your data for you.

Reboot. Profit.

  • Various Fixs
  • New Framework from Adynalyne (with over scroll glow)
  • New graphics drivers from Nexus S
  • Launcher2 from AOSP Gingerbread
  • Included Titanium Backup to get you going quicker
  • Poor 2D performance (will look into)
  • Auto-rotate cause event\0 to drain battery (issue with every EC09)
  • TSM Boot Options Force Close [from NAMELESS]
  • File Manager Force Close
  • Videos don't play
  • Stock browser won't download specific files
I am starting small with a few changes, and I will add as I see fit. I like Launcher2 better than anything at the moment, and that is the main change that you will see. The phone should feel faster though with some of these tweaks. Please report back with results.

NOTE: I am not liable if you brick your phone! However, I will try to help fix it if you do. NAMELESS has had issues formatting SD Cards, so back up your SD Card before flashing! Just a precaution. This has only been tested on my phone so far!

Download: http://mmtechonline.com/fasc/