[ROM] AOSP-Flavored Nonsense v1 - [3/24]

May 3, 2010
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Pawnee, IN
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Here is a ROM I cooked up for personal use until further AOSP progress has been made. It's very similar to the "SuperClean" ROMs I used to distribute for the Fascinate.

Nearly all Sense elements have been removed (Rosie, ALL widgets are gone, etc), leaving only the Phone/Contacts/Cam/FlashLight Sense applications. They have been replaced with AOSP versions, some borrowed from CM, some straight AOSP builds with a few of my own slight modifications. All apks/jars have been deodexed and zipaligned for anyone wanting to theme them. I have not touched any framework images, have only changed out a few images for some of the AOSP apps so that they mesh better with the Sense theme. All Google apps have been updated to the latest versions.

* AOSP apps *
Gallery3D - CodeAuroraForum
Launcher2 - GB version, modified to allow app uninstall from long-hold over trash can
Mms - CM
Music - CM

* Additional apps *
Car Home - Google
FileManager - CM
FlashPlayer 10.2
GenieWidget - Google

* Other stuffs *
includes Adrynalyne's modified boot.img allowing perma-root on adb
AOSP LockScreen
working su/Superuser
rw/ro scripts (simply type rw to make /system writable, ro to set back to read-only)
Thunder startup sound removed

Since so many apps have been changed/removed, it would be a good idea to wipe data before flashing. MAKE A BACKUP! YOU ASSUME ALL LIABILITY FOR YOUR DEVICE!

I have not yet encoutered any bugs, but things have not been robustly tested. Please let me know if you find any. Enjoy

* v1 ROM *
Version 2 now out.

*** V2 - 3/27 ***
fixed sync-related FC issues - thanks 760hacker!
fixed Calendar (removed the big Android wtf?)
added bash / terminfo
remove HTC SetupWizard and replaced with Google version, allowing removal of Backup Assistant
added Market versions of Twitter / Facebook
removed broken Dock Settings option from DeskClock
removed lots more unneeded files
*** You MUST wipe data when flashing this ROM!! Please don't post of any issues if you do not do so!! ***
*** You will NOT go into the SetupWizard automatically any more. Open Gmail or the Market to launch the SetupWizard ***

* v2 ROM Download *

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