[ROM] [ROM][5/28/2011][UPDATED] Vanilla Bean v1.3.1 + GB Theme v1.1


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Mar 31, 2011
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First: I assume no responsibility at all.

This is a sense-reduced rom...not AOSP based, that has been themed to have the Vanilla froyo look (see screenshots). This is not entirely senseless but it is a nice alternative it.

About this Rom
1) 1.13.605.7 Based
2) Rooted , Deodexed, Zipaligned
3) Advanced Power Menu (scuccia)
4) Power Control Mod (sk806)
5) Debloated
6) Removed:
a) Rosie
b) HTC Browser
c) HTC World Clock
d) HTC Sense.com access
e) HTC MIM, Mail, and Messages apps
f) Facebook, twitter, HTC Music
g) HTC widgets, stocks
h) HTC Gallery
i) HTC Car Panel

7) Added:
a) Launcher Pro is included as the launcher
b) AOSP Email (modified to bypass Exchange security)
c) AOSP Messages 
d) AOSP Gallery
e) AOSP Music
f) AOSP Clock
g) Working Skype Mobile
h) Rom Manager, Titanium Backup, Power Control Settings
i) AOSP Car Launcher

8)Custom Boot Animation
9) BAMF 4.3a kernel
10) SD Card speed fix
11) Radio Settings Mod (jcase)

How to Flash:
1) Put on Root of SD Card
3) Wipe Data/Cache/Dalvik before flashing
4) Flash via CWR and Enjoy!!!


Latest Rom and theme: Now available in ROM Manager

Vanilla Bean v1.3.1
MD5: 4027507853c27972c09e747b0158e11e

Pure GingerBread Theme v1.1
MD5: 3ae15261f1840fefde466290fbeba5f1

Older Roms
Vanilla Bean v1.2.1 : This is a patch and requires you to be on 1.2. You will not need to wipe anything before flashing this.
Vanilla Bean v1.2

Stock Font for Every Rom
AOPS Contacts
Verizon Wireless in Header : ONLY FOR VANILLA ROM v1.2 and less for this second.
Modified Stock MMS: Use this if you have trouble sending/receiving MMS messages

If you are having ANY reboots, flash this radio. It is from Adrynalyne. It is the leaked CDMA/stock LTE combo. The reboots are not caused from the rom but the leaked radio.

Radio to Fix Reboots

To Flash:
1) Rename to PG05IMG.zip
2) Place on root of SD Card and flash using hboot
3) Please report ANY reboots on this radio. If you are not on this radio and are experiencing reboots, please flash this and give it a couple days.

For those looking for a different look on this rom check out Powder for Vanilla Bean, adizzyx had put a lot of time into this and I think it looks great!

Powder for Vanilla Bean
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- Solves Contacts issue by reverting to stock contacts

Note 1: To get AOSP Contacts please flash the Vanilla Bean AOSP Contacts in the OP after you get your google account set up and synced for the first time
Note 2: Make sure you flash the GB theme after the initial sync as it will replace contacts with AOSP contacts.

- Ported cm-6.1 Mms.apk (I was able to send and recieve MMS messages from it)
- Added Radio Settings into the settings.apk
- Readded and fixed GB Keyboard and HTC keyboard, so users have a choice
- Added updated Google music
- Several Theme tweaks I think you all will enjoy

*Being put out as a patch as this eliminated the errors I was getting. You must be on Vanilla Bean v1.2 for this to work.
-Removed stock contacts/ dialer and replaced with AOSP
-Removed HTC keyboard and replaced with gingerbread keyboard.
-Added the AOSP weather and news app back into the rom
HELPFUL HINT: If you are having an issue with getting the keyboard to work after initial install, fix permissions in rom manager and reboot.
-Fixed the GPS icon...hopefully.
-Removed Honeycomb bootanimation and replaced with AOSP one...I will provide an update.zip to restore this if anyone is interested.

- Most, if not all of the red highlights have been removed.
- Created a zip to replace the HTC messages app with the AOSP icon for those with MMS issues, but like the AOSP look...if you want the actual stock app, pull it from another rom or PM me and I can send it to ya.

-Fixed USB icon, Calendar Icon, Matched Contacts, 4g icons in notificaton bar
-Cleaned up system/customize/resource/ folder and removed a lot of unneeded things from it
-Further De-Sensed rom by removing:
1) All HTC Wallpapers
2) All HTC Widgets (Power widgets, settings widgets, weather, clock widgets...pretty much all of them)
3) HTC Weather, News, Clock
4) HTC Gallery

v1.0: Initial Release
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Reserved for known issues