[ROM] AOKP Unofficially Official On The HTC One M7!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you frequent this site chances are you are a Verizon customer. If that is the case another Rom has been released for a device you don't yet have. Last week the man behind CM built his Rom for the S4 (a device we won't see on VZW for another month), and yesterday Roman the guy behind AOKP has released his build to the HTC One (a device you may never see on VZW). If you are one of the lucky few to have this device then you know a lot has been happening for it, and quickly. The phone quickly received root and recovery, and roms have been streaming out for it ever since. AOKP is one of the more popular roms to hit the device so far. If you aren't familiar with Android Open Kang Project, it is the rom that has tons of features, and also Unicorns and SWAG! This rom always performs well, and has few bugs. If you have an M7, mine is in the process of shipping to my home, you can grab this rom from the source link below!

Via Rootzwiki