Rogers GSM RAZR to Brazil to EU?


Feb 11, 2012
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Quick questions for you RAZR expers.

Background: I have a GSM Canadian Rogers RAZR that i screwed up (rooted, installed TiBU, uninstalled Yahoo, contacts crashed. /facepalm), which I then I flashed with the Retail.Brazil.en fastboot ROM using RSD Lite. funny thing is, i didnt even need to uninstall any apps or settings. it was smooth sailing.

All is happy.

but now the GSM Retail EU has a 2.3.6 update and I want it coz it seems to help with battery life. And the 2.3.6 update works only with EU Retail ROM.

1. Can I use RSD Lite to 'replace' my Brazil ROM with retail EU ROM using the fastboot? I don't care if i need to uninstall all my apps. (i'd love to keep my contacts though but maybe i can sync it somewhere)
2. If yes, and I flash it, what's the worst that can happen? Can I brick my phone? And note that I have a Rogers phone which has no fastboot ROM, and warranty only works when it has Rogers ROM.
3. If things goes wrong with EU, can I flash it back using the Brazilian fastboot ROM? note I have it on SafeStrap now and I have backups under non-safe mode.
4. Any tips/suggestion to accomplish what I want? ie. which backup should I do before I attempt?
5. What the heck is creating a recovery using Moto Recovery (all 3 buttons pushed) and using Safestrap CWM?

Thank you for any info you can share!

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