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Oct 30, 2010
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I purchased my Droid X last year and about 3 weeks ago had to get a warranty replacement due to some buttons on the phone not working. Ever since I got my replacement, some of my ringtones for contacts don't work. I was on the phone with Verizon last week and had to do a factory reset and the personalized ringtones for certain contacts don't work. I have deleted the contact and re-added with the personalized ringtone and it still doesn't work. Verizon doesn't seem to know what is wrong and I'm very frustrated at having this option available on this phone, but not being able to use it. I've thought about deleting the ringtone and re-adding it to see if that works. Does anyone have any suggestions? The amount of knowledge in this forum is by far more than I will get with Verizon Tech Support. I'd appreciate any input. Thank you!
Solution to previous post

I figured out why a ringtone for a contact wasn't working! I had a specific ringtone set for my home phone, but because I also had that same number listed for myself and my husband the droid could not make the distinction between the phone numbers. It would default to my husbands personalized ringtone. Once I deleted the home number from my husbands contact...the home ringtone worked. I knew there was a solution!