All downloaded ringtones wont play as a ringtone


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Nov 5, 2010
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Texas, USA
Hi there, I'm new to the Droid world (i was an iphone user...shame on me...its a POS!!!) and I have downloaded a few ringtones from Mabilo ringtone and when i select it to 'play as a ringtone' it does show up IN the ringtones settings as a possible ringtone to select, but when i click it or use it, instead of playing the ringtone, its just a generic short alert sounding tone...i cant figure out why it wont work, nor can i remove the downloaded ringtones from the ringtone selection list once i add it...its very confusing and frustrating, especially since i cant use itunes where its all user friendly and easy... can ANYONE help me? Thanks!!
PS- I know how to delete the ringtones off my phone, which is not what i want to do...i just want to select some mp3s and downloaded ringtones AS a ringtone. :)
we had the same problem, whats happening is the mabilio is not compatible with the new software that is on your phone. You will have to try and go to market type in ringtones and there is one on there that will work i believe its just called ringtones try that and see if that works it should. the devs should upgrade there systems to the latest software i agree. good luck