Ringtone by email domains or SMS


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Jan 17, 2013
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Our county has an alert system that sends emergency emails and texts to the public. I want to set a custom ringtone for this only but the problem is their email and SMS address changes per send. For example, one send might be from [email protected] and the next from [email protected], and the number+letter will change every email or SMS. Since I am a volunteer fireman, I would like to have a distinctive ringtone for that domain @BBalert.com or somehow have a mask that I can set so that whatever the characters after _ and before @ changes I can still get the special ringtone. As stated this is a need for me to help with emergencies. The county does not know how to change that numbered message. Is there a way, or an app, for a droid razr Maxx with android 2.3.6 that I can do this with? Very much appreciated and this can't be easy?