Rings Digital Weather Clock


May 7, 2011
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I've been using this app on my last three Android phones and loved it.

Got a new Galaxy S5 a few days ago and first thing installed Rings Digital Weather Clock. It worked fine.

Then I updated to lollipop. It was ok for a day or two. Last Sunday night I got a text from Verizon that I was dangerously close to using all of my data. This is three days into my monthly billing cycle and I haven't used much at all of my 4gb.

An hour later I got another text telling me I was at 3.6gb of my 4 gb. I shut down the 4g data and looked for the reason. In settings/data usage/by application.

The 3.63gb of data was used by Rings Digital Weather Clock. What the heck happened?

Should have looked at the other threads here before I posted.

Hey, what's your favorite ring tone?:)
Sandstorm by Darude.
Nice avatar! 84 or 85 CJ7?
Great forum. Makes the App!e forums look like $#!+.