Replaced Phone - Now Have Issues with Calls

Mar 5, 2013
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After using my phone insurance with Verizon, I received a replacement Droid Bionic for the one with the cracked screen. I invested several hours updating my new phone with apps, photos, etc., anticipating no problems. I am now encountering 2 problems that Verizon can't seem to figure out:

1) Phone calls in my house are constantly getting dropped - whereas they were not dropped beforehand. I had great coverage throughout the first + second level of my home. Now, I have to resort to using my landline for calls.

2) My previous Droid Bionic would let me utilize the internet/data and interrupt me when there was an incoming call. I now receive no notice and all calls get sent to my voicemail.

If possible, could anybody guide me as to how I may get this phone to the way my previous one was????? After many hours researching, I have yet to find any solutions.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Miller,

Thank you for your response. How might I get this fixed? Does this mean I have to get another phone from the company? Or is there a setting or method of fixing this?

Thanks :)
If you're not getting service where you did before and it's not a tower issue I would have the phone replaced. Sounds like a defective device.

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