Repeatedly Showing Moto symbol after Boot


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May 28, 2011
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I just successfully flashed Cyanogen 7.0.3 on my OG Droid successfully, and tried to download ChevyNo1's LV 250-1200 kernal via Rom Manager and Upon reboot it wont go past the Moto symbol, it just restarts repeatdly. Any suggestions? I dont need to break this phone:(
Go into recovery and wipe cache.
I tried that, it actually wasnt booting to clockwork it was booting to sprecovery, so I had to manually download the Cyanomod, mount the SD, copy the file and rename update, then install that, and it got it back up and running, now when I tried a new kernal and hold X it will boot to clockwork which makes it a lot easier because I can just boot from the backups I made with rom manager. Still haven't found a OC kernal that works though, guess I'll keep trying.