Removing previous addresses in Google Maps

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Nov 21, 2009
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Before I get blasted, I did search and found an answer or several that give instructions on how to go in through Settings>Applications>manage apps> Filter all apps>Maps and then delete data, but when I try to do that I have no option to delete data.

Yet I go into Maps>Layers and in addition to Traffic, Satellite, Buzz and Latitude I have two of my last navigation addresses and really would like to delete them.

I try to go in through More to select "Clear Map" but it is grayed out and unselectable. I try to go in through Layers and "Clear Map" is grayed out there as well.

And if it is important to anyone, it is version 4.1.0 (#4126).

I even tried to use Cachemate to clear all cache entries, but sure enough, the two previous addresses are still there.

Anyone have a suggestion or experienced anything similar?
Not possible on this version of Google Maps. Clearing data/cache in past versions worked, but this feature has since disappeared. Google is aware of the problem though, and they are working on it.
Great information - not that the answer is the one that I had hoped to hear, but glad to know that Google is aware of it. I appreciate your response. Very helpful.
Yes you can!!!

I have searched all over the net and finally found a post by another person resolving this issue and IT WORKS so i would like to pass it on:

Select menu>settings>applications>manage applications. At the very top of the screen, select "all", and scroll to maps. Select map, and hit the clear data button. Confirm delete in the pop-up window. That should resolve the problem. I don't believe this procedure worked in the previous operating system.
Good luck and pay it forward :)
Clear data works. Thanks!

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