Latitude bugs (Maps version 3.3.1)


Dec 21, 2009
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Bug 1:

I have combed the net to try to find an answer to my daughter's avatar shows up in my latitude "friends" interface, but my wife's does not. I have tried clearing the cache, removing my wife and re-adding her to my friends but her picture never shows up. Her picture is on both my Droid and Gmail contacts.

Bug 2:

Prior searches persist in latitude with no way to clear them (Google left the clear data off of maps version 3.3.1). Clearing the cache does not clear the previous searches from latitude. To clear the previous searches you must uninstall and then reinstall maps.
I've had the same problem with icon pictures. I've also had a severe issue with lag when it comes to updates of my location on friend's phones as well as their location on my phone. It's to the point where I barely use it anymore because times when I actually need it the chances of it being accurate have proven to be quite slim. I'm more likely to be accurate just guessing based on the position of the sun and the windage.
Yep, mine always shows my GF's location atleast 1-2 hours behind time. Refreshing does no good. Sometimes it is at 20 hours. Its almost useless.